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Friday, June 22, 2018

17 candidates qualify for 3 school board spots.

Five in district 2 to replace Scott Shine, six in district 4 to replace Paula Wright and six in district 6 to replace Becki Couch.

First the good news, Scott Shine is not running for election, because according to him serving on the board was strange.

Now I don't know who you should vote for yet but I have some suggestions who you should avoid

First in district 2 there is businessman Nick Howland. District 2 you have done a business man the last two cycles. Fred Lee was better than expected but as his one in done service indicates the board wasn't for him, and Scott Shine was perhaps the worst board member in recent memory. I don't say that to be mean I say it because its true. It's time to go in a different way.

Then in 4 Teach for America director Darryl Willie would be a terrible choice. Now he might be an affable guy but you can see he has master of the universe type written all over him. I can't see him being prepared or knowledgeable at all.

Also in District 4, I would be wary of Tim Sloan. he is a local education gadfly and frequent attendee of school board meetings, though that isn't enough. A few years back when I did a piece about who was donating to which school board candidate, he told me when he ran he would take that sweet Rummel and Chartrand money.

Finally in district 6, David Chauncey should be avoided at all costs. He like Willie is a Teach for America alumni which means like Willie he is filled with hubris. He did two years in the classroom while waiting for law school and he thinks he knows it all.

Oh and what do Chauncey, Willie and Howland have in common? They have garnered the support of Jacksonville's elites, those people who are more interested in controlling than improving our schools.

People like Willie (4), Chauncey (6) and Howland (2) really upset me. Being on the school board is a serious and important gig, but they think they can just show up and do it. We don't have time for their learning curve as they use a spot on the school board for bigger and better in their mind things. 

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