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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Becki Couch questions Scott Shine's motives

We are all going to miss Mrs. Couch when she leaves the school board. Unlike Shine, she is always prepared, knowledgeable and cares about our district, teachers, schools and students.

Via Facebook about Shine saying the district was gaming the system on civics tests.

The board voted 7-0 on the student progression plan that has the course pathway included. 

Mr. Shine did not pull the item nor ask questions at the time. 

But now, when the data comes out he goes straight to the press with an allegation of gaming a system of accountability? 

When Dr. Vitti was here, the reason Mr. Shine says he ran for school board, we did the same thing in Algebra, Geometry, and Biology. I asked about the Algebra I A and B courses and we were told, “we don’t want to set students up for failure if they are not ready to take the test”. That makes sense to me because not all kids are prepared to take Algebra I in 8th or 9th grade. I am unsure why this situation would be any different. 

The law mandates students take the (civics) exam in middle school. Some students take it in 6th because they are advanced. 

Should we hold them back because a conservative group of five board members thinks the test should be given in seventh grade? 

I am saddened that a school board member would criticize districts for making decisions for the benefit of individual students but on the other hand say that is the very reason we need more charter schools because we are making school so “cookie cutter” and school should meet the individual needs of all children. 

The students will take the exam in middle school because that is the law.

I didn't say above, That comes from a school board member who has had to work with Shine for nearly four years.

Scott Shine does not and has not represented our schools, teachers and students and instead cow-tows to people like Gary Chartrand who would destroy our schools. We will be so much better off when Shine is gone.

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