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Friday, June 29, 2018

Jason Fischer continues to harass Duval County Pubic School while shilling for charters

Jason Fischer was a terrible school board member who didn't care about our schools and he has continued his ways as a representative in the state house. Just weeks after he inserted two million into the state budget for his donors charter school, Fischer has called for an investigation of Duval County pubic schools because the district did well on the civics exam.

From the Tampa Times:

A group of conservative lawmakers has asked the Florida Department of Education to look into allegations that three school districts manipulated which students took the spring civics end-of-course exam to influence the state's school grading system.
The six legislators — Sen. Dennis Baxley and Reps. Jason Fischer, Michael Bileca,  James Grant, Bob Rommel and Jennifer Sullivan — repeated criticisms raised by members of the Florida Coalition of School Board Members, an organization that formed to oppose the Florida School Boards Association's legal challenge of the state tax credit scholarship program.
Fischer, a one-time Duval County School Board member, is a former coalition member.
District officials explained they intended to have the students take the exam as eighth graders, after they are better prepared. State officials have confirmed there's nothing wrong with that approach.
But the six lawmakers suggested in a letter to education commissioner Pam Stewart that the "questionable testing practices" could undermine the state's testing and accountability system. They suggest without any detail that other districts might be participating in "these same shameful practices."
The lawmakers' underlying motive? It appears to be support of their recently created program that allows select charter schools to move into communities where the public schools have persistently low scores on state exams.
Fischer and his compatriots don't care about our public schools they just want more charter schools, and who makes up a huge share of Fischer's donors? Charter schools that is who. 
It's monstrous how Fischer would accuse DCPS and the other districts of cheating while giving his donor's school millions of dollars.  

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  1. Any mention of an investigation into Fischer's charter schools? Didn't think so. That would be bad for business.