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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Trey Csar out at the Jacksonville Public Education Fund

I have always liked Trey Csar. He has never been anything but polite and professional to me despite some of the withering criticism I have leveled against him and the Jacksonville Public Education fund.

I also don't believe Trey is a mercenary, somebody in education to get rich; though he did take home over six figures and believe me there are plenty of people, just not the people doing the teaching that are getting rich. Then I don't think he was a zealot either. Gary Chartrand the founder of JPEF is a zealot, he is on a religious mission to privatize our schools. Csar, it seemed to me was just doing a job.

All that being said, I found him to be on the wrong side of most education issues and the leader of a group and maybe it was because Chartrand and his privatization friends were really pulling the strings, that missed a lot of opportunities.

Over the years I have gone to a bunch of JPEF events, they always feed you, because I really wanted them to get it right and invariably each forum was either about getting better teachers or improving opportunities for teachers to grow besides teaching.

Now I don't want to say those topics don't have merit, but what about properly funding education, discipline, parental involvement and so many other things?

Why was it always about getting rid of some teachers and helping other teachers get out of the classroom? Seriously friends they covered these topics ad nausea and for years. 

JPEF could get these amazing people together. Judges, non profit leaders, community and business leaders too and then ask them, so what does a good principal look like to you? These people could have been used to come up with real solutions but at then end of the day JPEF wasted their time over and over again.

Then there was JPEF's privatization agenda. Years ago they did a white paper which said, charters are worse, we don't know how private schools that take vouchers are doing and we need more private schools that take vouchers and charters. Um what?!?

Trey also once said, I am not for public schools, I am for good schools and where a noble sentiment, he wasn't president of the Jacksonville Good School Education Fund, further frustrating because he knows by and large public schools are the best thing going.

Then they pushed a conference that was about getting more young black students to go to charters and their closeness to charters and Teach for America too. After a while it all adds up.

Jacksonville could really use a private organization that is here to help our schools. It is really a shame that we haven't had one.

I wish Trey well, but I am sad abut what could have been.

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