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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Florida Private Schools teach liquor is responsible for Abraham Lincoln's death.

Oh for ^%#$s sake.

Private schools that take public money can teach whatever they want and hire whoever they want to teach it. While Tallahassee hammers public schools and the teaching profession they want little in regards to over site and accountability from private schools that take vouchers.

The passage below was taken from a Christian private school that takes public money.

Image may contain: text

Come on people really?

Look if you want to have your child learn ridiculous stuff that's on you, I am not going to complain, but the public should not be forced to subsidize it.

Some people say public schools aren't for everybody and sure but above and so much more should not be for anybody. What's wrong with making sure teachers at public schools have degrees and their curricula aren't bat sh*t crazy? Especially if the public is subsidizing them.

Some people say but what about poor families that can't afford to send their children (to horrible) private schools, they need the public to help them out, to which I say let God provide. Isn't that what Christians teach.


To read more but don't so with milk in your mouth, because there is a spitting danger, click the link:

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