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Friday, June 8, 2018

Scott Shine continues to be terrible at his job while Willis makes an unforced error heading out the door.

First let me just say I believe Shine continues to be terrible at his job, when he bothers to show up that is and he should just resign and give his constituents a break.

His latest guffaw is when he asked Superintendent Willis to rescind the promotions of two of her relatives after he agreed to the promotions. He said he didn't know they were his relatives. The thing is it is his job to know. It is his job to ask questions, and I want to remind you it is a job he is being paid to do.

All that being said, Willis promoting her two relatives on the way out the door, sadly leaves a bad mark on her record.

I have been a fan of Willis. I think she was a calming influence after the disruption and abuse that occured under Vitti but at the same time, I think this was mistake on her part and an unforced error at that.

This is where it gets a little wonky.

Just because you are related to the superintendent it doesn't mean your career should be stalled. Heck Willis's son and niece may be the best applicants there were, though the history of DCPS has shown us all to often that some people that go into administration have gotten positions not based on ability but based on who they know.

The thing is Willis wasn't forth coming about her relationships to them. If she thought they were the best applicants she should have made sure everyone knew who they were and walked them through why she thought they were the most qualified and sadly that did not happen.

I am disappointed. This has at the very least the appearance of impropriety. I want leaders who are always above board, even while they are heading out the door.

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