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Sunday, June 24, 2018

JPEF doesn't advertise for their own SB candidate forum

It is 9:35 on Sunday the 24th and I have known about the district 4 school board forum for almost a day. A heads up from the good people at the Friends of Northwest Jacksonville Schools.

The NAACP, The Friends of Northwest Jacksonville Schools and JPEF are putting on the forum.

JPEF has quite the immersive social media presence.

Their last post was about Why did the U.S. stop seeing teachers as professionals? A very important and relevant topic and problem, but sadly it is a problem exacerbated by JPEF's founder and grocer Gary Chartrand, who has been very anti teacher and treating teachers as professionals.

Scrolling down, they have an article about low cost solutions to deal with teacher shortages, ugh, low cost? Another one about Teacher leave in NYC and the National Merit program.

Keep scrolling if you like but they have nothing about the forum on their Facebook page.

Why, well maybe they haven't got around to publicizing the Monday the 25th evening forum. I mean that leave in NYC story is a big one.

Or maybe just maybe they don't care if you or anybody goes or not. You see numerous members of JPEF's board have already put their support behind a district 4 candidate and that is Teach for America director and darling of Gary Chartrand, Darryl Willie. You might also remember he ran for the seat in 2014 and when doing so spread false and misleading stories about Paula Wright.   

See I don't think JPEF wants people to go because they want the candidate must aligned with corporate reforms and privatization, their candidate Darryl Willie to win.

Could I be wrong? Sure, they don't invite me to their strategy meetings, but their bread crumbs are abundantly clear and easy to follow.

An organization designed to help our public schools would be a great thing to have, unfortunately we haven't had one.

When I post this blog, I will have done more than JPEF has done to publicize their very own forum and that should speak volumes.


  1. Is there any word on how many people attended? I did not hear about this meeting and I live near the location!

  2. There was about a 100 and not one from JPEF that I could tell...