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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

DCPS has no money in the budget for TFA but they are still coming.

I would like to thank Board member Ashley Smith Juarez for getting back to me and sending me the budget proposal, which says as of now, no money is going to be allocated for TFA. The thing is that doesn't make me feel any better since many surplussed teachers don't have permanent positions yet.

TFA Jax received 5 million from the QEA last summer, money that was supposed to go to our classrooms that will never see the inside of one and they could foot the bill for the finders fee just to keep their presence in the district. Currently there are two former corp members, Daryl Willie and David Chauncey running for school board and they may be thinking, just hang on and when we are in charge we will bring in as many as we can.

The thing is even if the district doesn't shell out one dime it is still a slap in the face to every educator that has been surplussed and their colleagues and their students, that a new TFA class is coming in while there is so much uncertainty for those veterans.

I am asking the district the following questions.

Have these new corp members secured teaching positions?

Has every surplussed teacher been placed?

If not is there overlap between the two groups? That is to say does a TFA teacher have a job teaching a subject that a surplussed veteran also teaches who as of now doesn't have a placement.

Will the district commit to making sure every surplussed teacher has a job before placing a TFA teacher in the classroom?

I have never been a fan of TFA and I believe to the bottom of my heart they should only be used after every other mean has been exhausted.

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