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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Shouldn't we all be tired of the Jacksonville Public Education Fund blaming teachers by now?

The definition of a juxtaposition is the fact of two things being seen or laced together with contrasting effect.

JPEF was founded by Gary Chartrand who has worked tirelessly to injure the teaching profession yet they run DCPS's teacher of the year program. How does that work?  

Then they have through social media tirelessly run a thank a teacher campaign while writing the following on their webs site.  

From JPEF's website: Over 90 percent of teachers are rated Effective or Highly effective based on the district’s evaluation formula: 50 percent student growth, 45 percent observations and 5 percent individualized professional development.
However, tens of thousands of students don’t pass the Florida State Assessments English Language Assessment each year—our state’s indicator for literacy. Passing this test in tenth grade is one of the requirements to graduate with a standard high school diploma.
The implication is quite clear, Duval's teachers suck and its their fault more students aren't passing state tests.
I have a different take, I thank God they are there because without them and their tireless efforts Duval's kids would be in a much deeper hole.
I looked for the part about poverty and how it is the number one factor when predicting performance, kids who live in it do worse than kids who aren't but I found nothing.
Furthermore JPEF criticizes our teachers while being a friend to Teach for America which does the exact opposite of what we know to be best for our children. 
JPEF continuously shows they are on the wrong side of the education debate.

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  1. The official Teacher of the Year Program should be handled by DCPS and not by an outside organization. If the Jacksonville Public Education Fund or any other outside organization wants to have their own separate Teacher recognition awards, more power to them.