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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Will DCPS experience a reduction in force? My guess is yes

The district came out with their budget priorities and in my opinion put an all together to rosy of a spin on them. Sadly though If you read between the lines you can see that a reduction in force is coming. With 62 million dollars in the hole its borderline absurd to think people aren't going to lose their jobs.  Here are the three priorities that lead me to believe a RIF is coming.

 While district-level costs represent just over a quarter of overall expenses, district cuts will make up 36 percent of the budget gap. A net total of more than 50 district positions are recommended to be cut, and combined with other operating reductions, overall district-level spending will be down more than 8 percent.

One school-based strategy that will save the district about $2.2 million is an equalizing of elementary resource teachers among large and small schools. In the current funding model, each school has the same number of people, regardless of size. That means students in smaller schools have more time with physical education, music and arts teachers compared to students in larger schools.

Other school level adjustments that will save money next year include: adjustments to the school teacher allocation model that will reduce staffing and save $10.4 million, and a change from a “block” schedule to a traditional seven-period day in middle school that will save $3.7 million.

First those fifty admin spots that are being eliminated, they aren't just going to be shown the door. Those that don't retire or leave will be offered position in schools, though schools will have fewer positions to give.

Next who wants to bet that a lot of those art, music and PE teachers aren't going to be going to bigger school part time, but they will be splitting their time between other small schools, meaning we will need fewer people in those positions.

Then finally middle schools are going to need 15 percent fewer teachers. I happen to like a 7 period day better than block scheduling but it means teachers will have less time to plan and collaborate and schools will need fewer of them.

Across the district hundreds of teachers have been surplussed. The district has not come off the numbers but its my bet it is the 700-800 range and with middle schools needing fewer teachers and elementary schools needing fewer art, music and PE teachers, and with a lot of school based coach and coordinator positions being phased out, sadly I believe more than a few people will be out of a job. 

Here is the thing, as mad as I want to be at the district, I can't, because even though Vitti spent like a drunken sailor on the way out of town, it's the state and their chronic and I believe criminal under funding of education, which is the main culprit.

People are going to lose their jobs, kids are going to get fewer electives and/or bigger classes when they take them and a lot of support positions, coaches and coordinators are going to go away and it is bound to have an effect.

This is what 20 years of republican leadership looks like and I want to remind everyone that while DCPS is begging for change. Jason Fischer funneled 2 million to his donors charter schools. Who does he really care about again?'

Notice the reduction in school positions figure.

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  1. Maybe they should come up with a bed tax to justify spending money on our children? It worked for Lenny Curry & Shad Khan.