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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Darryl Willie says the most Teach for America things at the district 4 SB forum

Oy vey as affable as this guy is, he is also unbelievable.

When talking about improving reading, he said babies in the womb will read better when their mothers read to them as if DCPS should develop a strategy to facilitate this and this will lead to better reading scores. Oy vey, let that sink in.

Um what about libraries Darryl, which have been on the chopping block for years, might they be an option too?

It is true children that are exposed to more words and reading at a young age do better as a group than those that don't but how is DCPS going to improve the mother's reading to fetus rate? Maybe we can get some Teach for America corp members to volunteer their time.

He also said one way to keep teachers longer is to fund the alternative assessment cost that non education majors incur when going from their second to third years. Now who would this give away most benefit? Why Teach for America of course as the vast amount of them are non education majors and that right there should tell you something.

Now I think the alternative assessment pathway to teaching is out of control. When I went through it I had to write what amounted to about 12 essays and undergo a few more observations. It did not cost me thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of time like the current iteration does.

I agree there needs to be changes to keep more teachers just as they figure out how to teach but the thing is I am not the director of a TFA chapter looking for another hand out.

Willie wasn't a complete disaster at the forum, he did have one point about how we need to let kids, mostly black boys, move and not sweat the small stuff and I and I believe most teachers agree and have called for this but at the same time it was painfully obvious Willie is not ready for prime time. 

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