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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Is Scott Shine clueless a hypocrite or both? Roots for failure, criticizes success

I ask because he doesn't seem to understand how things work while complaining about things he has previously supported.  

Here is what happened, the district had some students take a prerequisite, law studies, before they took the civics class which has a state mandated test. The students who tool civics and who were better prepared did well on the test and instead of thanking the district, Shine attacked it and said it was playing the system. Spoiler alert the whole system has been rigged, mostly to set poor and minority children up for failure, and when the district found a way around it Shine called foul. In effect he was rooting for failure and mad when it didn't happen. 


In 2017 8,649 Duval students took the civics test compared to 5,739 this past school year. The Florida Coalition of School Board Members said fewer test takers likely contributed to higher scores.
The Duval County School District’s Chief Academic Officer Mason Davis said there was no wrongdoing, adding although fewer students took the test, Duval is complying with state statute and the school board’s policy. He said the change started with the district’s yearly review of both the student progression plan and master scheduling guidelines.
“Through those reviews, multiple data points are reviewed and changes are made to better prepare students by adding prerequisites and course progression pathways,” he said.
Now some people might be saying all we are doing is preparing kids to take tests and that is no way to run education and you know what, I completely agree with you. We have a bigger problem than a terrible school board member throwing bombs on the way out the door. We need to address testing but the sad truth is we aren't going to get to while the drill and kill republicans are in charge of education. We need to vote them all out.

A couple people had great comments about Shines ignorance and hypocrisy, I have omitted their names just in case Shine decides to send out nasty emails or threats.

Shine uses taxpayer resources to legally intimidate teachers. He has temper tantrums at SB meetings before walking out. He whips up press to announce the candidacy of his heir-apparent. He telegraphs his every intention, independently of his board, to the reform crowd through the press. "Reformers" want high-stakes testing and privatization. Now they want to whine about it when schools figure out how to better prepare their students for the test? We're not buying it.

Only the kids who scored low on the FSA had to take law studies, next year, when they take civics alongside the high 4s and 5s, civics scores will normalize. It’s not sketchy, it’s basic math.

But when Vitti did it, by sending low-performing students from Geometry through "Advanced Topics" to avoid them bringing down results on the state's Algebra 2 test or by removing students from Algebra 1 into Algebra 1A based on low-performing December interim test results so they wouldn't take the EOC and count in the results, Shine said nothing.

Vitti also changed several schools to game the system but since Shine had a man crush on him, it was okay.

Well friends Shine is nothing if not consistent, and we will all be better off when his tenure on the board mercifully comes to an end.  

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