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Friday, January 1, 2021

A sad but true fact is DCPS can't be trusted

2020 was a difficult year, I had COVID fatigue, then got Covid, election fatigue which is sadly ongoing, and the realization my employer doesn't care about me, my colleagues, or my students. Nothing DCPS says can be trusted.

In the last month, the media has reported how DCPS cooking the books about discipline and COVID, or you know two of the last things they should be doing so about. 

From First Coast News,

A new statewide grand jury report studying school safety issues lambasted the Duval County School Police Department for "outright fraud" and underreporting incident and crime numbers to make a better impression.

While the interim report largely focused on Florida's mental-health systems and deficiencies in funding, separately, the report pointed out issues with schools' abilities to differentiate criminal behavior from simple misbehavior. Duval School was used as the key example.

Out of Florida's 67 counties and 74 school districts when alternative and virtual districts are included, Duval County was the only school district singled out. 

"It is also apparent, though, that some incentives to 'decrease the statistics' are perverse," the report said. "Administrators are rewarded with promotion or better jobs in larger districts; school police chiefs tout phony 'reductions' in arrests or reports while the actual activity proceeds unabated or accelerates; districts appear 'safer on paper' and thus more attractive to potential new (or even current) students and the funding they represent."

Um, outright fraud?!? That's a pretty good accusation.

Now we can debate the benefits of arresting children, spoiler I don't think there are any, but that doesn't mean kids don't need discipline or take away from the fact the district has been cooking the books. 

Then there is the health department, no paragon of honestly and diligence itself, reporting twice as many cases of Covid in our schools than DCPS has.

From News 4 Jax,

Duval County families have two official sources of information about the spread of the coronavirus in their local schools — the statewide report published approximately once a week by the Florida Department of Health and the Duval County Public Schools COVID-19 Dashboard, updated daily.

However, the two have different criteria for which cases are included in their respective reports.

As of Dec. 13, the FDOH report shows 1,326 confirmed cases of the virus among students and staff within DCPS, while at the time the district’s dashboard reported only 649 cases.

Contact tracing in DCPS has been nothing short of a bad, and reckless joke. Everyone knows it too, just if the district cares they have refused to show it. Their priority is not to keep people safe but to put butts in schools.

DCPS cannot be trusted to do the right thing, and that is the bottom line.

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