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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Nothing the FLDOE does should be taken seriously.

 Nothing the FLDOE does should be taken seriously and I can prove it with two words, Fred Piccolo.

Fred Piccolo was Governor DeSantis's all too often combative spokesman who never delt with facts and only dealt in attacks and hyperbole. I say was because he was shamed into resigning after he made light of the hundreds of thousands of dead from Covid. Don't fret for Fred and his family. Despite having zero experience in education he landed a six-figure job with the Florida Department of Education, as the Vice-Chancellor of the college system, a job and you probably guessed it he is entirely unqualified for. 

From the Orlando Sentinel, 

Fred Piccolo, a longtime GOP operative who most recently served as Gov. Ron DeSantis’ spokesman, will focus on workforce education issues when he joins the Florida Department of Education on Wednesday. 

Piccolo will earn $120,000 in his new job working for the department’s division of colleges. He has been tapped to help state colleges and other department divisions “elevate” programs related to career and adult education, key needs as Florida looks to recover economically from the pandemic, said Taryn Fenske, a spokeswoman for the education department. 

Piccolo’s resignation was announced in late December, as he faced criticism for a controversial Christmas Eve post on Twitter about COVID-19 victims. Piccolo, however, told the South Florida Sun Sentinel, that he had submitted his resignation letter to DeSantis on Dec. 23. 

Piccolo will be an executive vice chancellor for the department’s college system, which oversees Florida’s 28 community colleges. In his new job, he will earn $34,500 less than he did as DeSantis’ communications director. 

Piccolo’s career has been spent almost exclusively in politics. Since 2006, most of his work has been serving as a spokesman or chief of staff for Republican campaigns and elected officials, and he has no experience in Florida’s public schools or state colleges, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Ni experience huh? Well, I guess that makes sense commissioner Corcoran doesn't have any experience either. It just goes to show that Republicans in Tallahassee don't take education seriously and just view it as a way for them and their friends to get rich.

What a $%#&ing insult to education and decency.  Nothing they do should be taken seriously. 

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