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Thursday, January 21, 2021

It's been 5 days since the COVID dump and DCPS's numbers are outrageous

 DCPS changed the way it was doing its dashboard, now instead of waiting for the DOH, they are just reporting cases the schools hear about. That first day was crazy as you might expect as the district cleaned the books. The problem is the numbers have not gotten any better. 

So in the last five school days, DCPS reported 151 students and 84 staff have tested positive for COVID, that's 47 a day. We are averaging 47 cases a day. Throw in the dump and we are averaging 66. Friends contact tracking was reckless when the dashboard was reporting five or six a day, how bad must it be now.

In a little over a week, DCPS has lost a teacher, a para, and a student and had 393 plus cases of COVID reported. At one point do things become critical? Asking for a friend.


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