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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Just how bad was the DCPS Covid dashboard

 So DCPS has changed the dashboard AGAIN. Supposedly to increase transparency. I think anything THIS district does to improve transparency is a good thing, but I wonder why now. It's probably because most people have known the dashboard has been tragically wrong, and this gives them the opportunity to pass the bunch to the DOH.

From the Times Union,

Wednesday evening, when Duval Schools families refreshed the district’s COVID-19 dashboard, they saw a massive spike in cases. But the district says it’s because of the new, more proactive way they're reporting things, not a school-specific case surge. 

Instead of waiting for confirmation from the local Department of Health, Duval County Public Schools announced Wednesday that it will start reporting potential COVID-19 cases into its system as soon as officials become aware of a case.

The change took effect Wednesday night, with 170 new cases populating for one day.

The district said in a post to its website that this will help families and the community make informed decisions and with overall transparency. 

This marks the second time the district modified its dashboard and, in turn, how the community is notified of cases impacting its respective schools.

Informed decisions? Ugh, DCPS hasn't been making informed decisions about the virus since the summer. It's hard to be truly informed after a 170 person dump.

Transparency, now, it's good? Before, not so good? I have my doubts it will improve, and they are based on the district's past performance.

The thing is, the dashboard, whether it's accurate or not, is just eye candy. It is the contact tracing that has to dramatically improve. We can no longer wait days or weeks to do it. We can't continue to do the asinine things we have done for months. This has to happen automatically, and people in contact with somebody infected whether they have symptoms or not have to leave until they get a positive test. I mean, if we truly want to make a difference, that is. Unfortunately, DCPS does what it does best with this, and that passes the buck. 

Oh, to answer my question, it was really, really bad, and don't take my word for it, take the districts.  

1 comment:

  1. I've gotten more covid emails this week than I have all school year. I wonder what genius thought DCPS' don't ask don't tell covid strategy was a good idea. Now with most of the kids back ot appears DCPS doesn't give a shit anymore and is giving into common sense. Too bad contact tracing will still be a dumpster fire.