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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Europe says schools are vectors for spread. DCPS says we are wide open for business.

Remember when DCPS said they were going to let science drive their decisions? I don't think science has influenced any of their calls, the only things that seem to drive them are DeathSantis and Little Boot Corcoran, oh, and cowardice that drives them too. 

There has been plenty of evidence that schools help spread the virus. That they contribute to the pandemic. Now they may not be bars and gyms but they are playing their part and sadly as we now have millions of cases of pediatric covid, we are learning too late that the reason kids didn't get it at the beginning is we kept them safe. Something we are no longer doing as we funnel them back into schools. 

From the Wall Street Journal,

BERLIN—As U.S. authorities debate whether to keep schools open, a consensus is emerging in Europe that children are a considerable factor in the spread of Covid-19—and more countries are shutting schools for the first time since the spring.

Closures have been announced recently in the U.K., Germany, Ireland, Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands on concerns about a more infectious variant of the virus first detected in the U.K. and rising case counts despite lockdowns.

While the debate continues, recent studies and outbreaks show that schoolchildren, even younger ones, can play a significant role in spreading infections.

“In the second wave we acquired much more evidence that schoolchildren are almost equally, if not more infected by SARS-CoV-2 than others,“ said Antoine Flahault, director of the University of Geneva’s Institute of Global Health.

Almost equally if not more infected sigh.

Hey superintendent Greene and school board. One of the reasons DCPS kids weren't getting it in the spring is we had closed schools. Now with schools open the number of kids getting it is spiking.

What we are doing is reckless and it would be nice if we had an education leader who would speak up. Anyone? Anyone?


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