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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The CDCs reckless and disingenuous schools can be opened safely announcement

I had hoped this version of the CDC would be better.  

Let me say I don’t doubt the validity of their study. I believe they found what they say they found. However, it is their sample size that is reckless. 17 rural schools in Wisconsin when the pandemic was not at its height does not make for compelling or honest reporting. It’s reckless because they know pandemic deniers and teacher bashers are going to seize upon the headline and run with it, and that could cost lives—shame on them. 

When they do polls for national issues, they don’t just ask one segment of the population in a small area. They ask people from all over the country, they vary the participants. That’s how they achieve validity. The CDC doesn’t even try to do that in this study, but it gets even worse. 

On the way to work this morning, NPR did a story on it, and it was filled with qualifiers, like if they do everything right and fairly safe. When did fairly safe become an acceptable standard, and who is doing everything right? In my district, social distancing is practically nonexistent. Teachers are not regularly tested. Our mask mandate is toothless. In my opinion, contact tracing is so bad it should be criminal. Does that sound like everything right, or does it sound closer to what is happening in your schools and districts? 

It doesn’t matter now because those who want to rush staff and students headlong into jeopardy have a headline.  

Let me ask you a question, what would you do with your child where there was only a five percent chance of getting sick or a less than one percent chance of dying? That couldn’t be the selling point of any concert or theme park, or any theater or mall, but the powers that be seemed to think that is acceptable for schools. 

Another question, why do we do shooter drills? Have metal detectors and other gun prevention measures at schools? I mean, kids are fairly safe without them; mass casualty events practically never happen, so why bother? Seriously, if fairly safe is the new standard, let's get rid of seat belts and bring back peanuts and latex too.  

Schools should be safe, and that should be the bottom line, and despite this terrible headline and small, nearly irrelevant saying they aren’t. 

I expected better from this CDC and administration and thus far have not seen it.    

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