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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The Duval County school board just doesn't get it

A school board member told me they must be careful about what they say (about how terrible the state is) because they may and try and harm or do something to the district. Um, does that mean things could be even worse because the board capitulates like that and not educating children is its job, and things are terrible? Spoiler alert Duval County School Board, the state will do all it can to harm public education, whether you suck up to them or not, and since that’s the case, how about you start doing your jobs.    

What don’t these school board members get? 

Instead of giving in over and over to policies they know are bad or destructive, they could be out there educating the public and fighting for pro-education candidates. Do they think Jason Fischer gives a #@%& that they aren’t out telling people how bad he is? Do they think he could be even worse if they did?    

The state of Florida stole hundreds of millions of dollars from the district, and there hasn’t been a peep. 

The state of Florida gave veteran teachers a pay cut, and there hasn’t been a peep. 

The state of Florida is forcing staff and students into unsafe conditions, and there hasn’t been a peep. 

Not fighting and just going along hasn’t been working. Hoping Corcoran and DeSantis come around is not a strategy that is going to work. It is way past time the board stood up to Tallahhee while there is something worth standing up for anyway. 

The school board has a voice; they could be out there fighting and explaining to the public, but they haven’t done so, and that’s unacceptable. 

I would like to mention that Board member Willie voted last summer against going back to school.  


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