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Friday, January 1, 2021

DCPS is full steam ahead while other school districts play it cautious.

Duval County has been averaging a thousand cases a day. Our positivity rate is close to ten percent. The new even more, contagious strain of COVID has been found in Florida, and we are undoubtedly going to get a holiday bump in cases, so what does DCPS do? Nothing, as more districts take their students and staff safety seriously, DCPS does nothing about their reckless policies. 

Pittsburg pumps the breaks, 


Officials with Pittsburgh Public Schools said they are delaying the spring return to in-person learning.

“I talked to the board about not coming back on Jan. 4 because I knew the numbers would be high. We tentatively are going to bring our educators and staff back into our buildings on Jan. 18,” said Superintendent Dr. Anthony Hamlet.

Ware County slows things down too,


The school district released the following statement about the delayed opening:

“Over the course of the break, school system officials have remained in contact with local health officials and monitored COVID case counts. Out of an abundance of caution, Ware County Schools will delay reopening for students until Monday, January 11, 2021. System employees only will report to work onsite the week of January 4 – 8.

Out of an abundance of caution. I guaranty you Jacksonville is worse off than both Ware County and Pittsburg. Also, the new strain hasn't been reported in Georgia or Pennsylvania. 

From News4Jax,

The new contagious strain of the coronavirus that has spread like wildfire in Britain has been found in Martin County, Florida. That makes Florida the third state in the United States to report a case of the variant.

DCPS will get somebody killed and a lot more people sick, and for what, so we can limp through the next few months? 

We can make up lost learning time, but we can't make up lost lives.   

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