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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Teacher fear in DCPS is real and palpable.

 I have written many times about the lack of contact tracing, and social distancing, and how the dashboard shouldn't be believed. If the district cares, they sure haven't shown it, and the fear for many teachers and staff is real.  

I received this from a reader. I have edited it to take out anything identifying because, sadly, in DCPS, teachers have a lot to be afraid about.

So one of my students is positive. I only found out because I asked the secretary. The only thing my principal has said to me about anything is that their absence has been excused. Telling me in the hallway because he happened to see me.

I’m not going to lie. I’m having a slight panic attack because no one is telling me anything. The only reason I know is because I asked our secretary. If it was just me affected, that is one thing. But it isn’t. It is my class and all the kids. It is all the resource teachers. It is the other teachers on grade level because they make us move kids around for their stupid pet program.

It is my two personal children. It is their classes, their teachers, their middle schools. It is my parents because my youngest stays with them because they are close to his middle school. It is my ex and his parents, his wife, their kid, his grandparents. Friends, the list is endless. I am so upset I can’t even think straight enough to know where to begin other than getting myself and my kids tested.

I have heard this story a dozen times, if not more, from teachers all across the district. When I got sick, I was concerned about my students and my paras more than anything. I wanted t make sure they were safe, but sadly I seemed to be the only one.

Where is the board? Do they not know, or is it they don't care?

We could and should be doing better. What we are doing now is reckless and not designed to keep people safe but butts in seats.

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