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Sunday, January 31, 2021

DCPS must just sit around and think of ways to %$@# with people part 2

 A couple weeks back, I wrote about how certificated staff without classroom responsibilities, interventionists, lead teachers, etc., were being required to cover classes because of a lack of subs and not being compensated for it. The original post is below.

I wrote Greene and the school board about this too, and Greene got back to me. 

Mr. Guerrieri,


Thank you for contacting the Board concerning payment for teachers covering classes during their planning period.  According to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, teachers are provided a planning time.  A fully released teacher often spends the majority of the day completing work similar to work done during a classroom teacher’s planning time.  Thus, their planning time might not be obvious to the faculty.  In addition, their schedules are more flexible to allow support for teachers when needed.  If a fully released teacher is covering a class for an entire work day and is not provided planning time, then the teacher should be compensated.  Ms. Schultz, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, has contact your principal, Mr. Alexander, to discuss whether compensation should be provided for any prior class coverage. If you have any additional questions, please contact Ms. Schultz at

Okay, great, if they have to cover an entire day, they get compensated. Not perfect, but you know something. Sub a whole day you get paid, sub a period you are a hero thanks for your service. The thing is, every teacher they cover gets a planning period, so in effect, these teachers get nothing. The reason they were "fully released" is presumably they have so much stuff to do they can't have classes too. If not, let's get them back in the class. These are now responsibilities they can't take care of because they are covering classes. 

What would it cost the district to treat these people like professionals district-wide? My guess is significantly less than 10k, but instead of doing that, the district would rather give them a %$@# you.

We are never going to be the district we could be as long as treating staff like second class citizens is the standard operating procedure. Shame on Greene and the district, the change in her, I am sure very expensive couch probably could have covered this. 


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