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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Greene and the school boards silence is deafening

 The pandemic is out of control as staff and students are about to return, and all we get is silence from the superintendent. Veteran teachers are about to get a pay cut and the school board a raise, and they have been silent on that as well. The district is pushing more children and staff back into schools without commenting on how both will be kept safe. Their silence is deafening. Their silence is complicity. 

There is no doubt the state sucks. Little Boot Corcoran acts more like a mad dictator than an education professional. That being said, where has been the push back from the superintendent and school board? It's been nonexistent, that is where.

If any board member thinks it's a little dangerous to return to school and how couldn't that they haven't said it.

If the super and board think it's a travesty that veteran teachers got %$@#ed they haven't said that either.

Likewise, the super and board haven't even offered token resistance to the state's executive orders, which erode their authority; heck Green has embraced them because they echo what she wants to do regardless of the long-term cost. 

We need a super and board willing to fight for staff and students. If they haven't noticed, morale is shot, and it's dangerous out there. Instead, we have a super and board who, if they care, haven't shown it. At some point there silence becomes not just acceptance of where we find ourselves but complicity with the multiple sh*t storms raining down on the district.   

You can't care about safety and be silent; you can't think screwing over a significant part of your staff is wrong and be silent. At this point, silence is complicity, and that is the bottom line. 


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