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Saturday, January 2, 2021

School Board members in line for huge raises

In the past year the school board has put people's lives in danger, ignored science, greatly expanded charter schools, ignored the concerns of staff, put more on teacher's plates, offered veteran teachers 91 dollars to mitigate huge pay cuts, and bowed down to the state like that and not taking care of Jacksonville's schools was their job. What's their reward for all this going to be? A massive raise.

This is what the SB makes now.

After the new contract is approved they will make over 45k. Think about that, veteran teachers are getting pay cuts and school board members will receive huge raises. 

You know what bugs me the most? The school board has to know much of what I described above is wrong but instead of fighting to make things better, instead of siding with staff and families, they have shrugged their shoulders. They have to know, well some of them anyway what is right, but instead of doing it, they just go along with the blatant disrespect, the risking of lives, and the abdicating of their responsibilities. 

%$#@ing A...


  1. No different from DTU hell with both of them.

  2. I would be curious to know how many members got ballots. I know quite a few veteran teachers that did not get a ballot. I called and was told to go to the office and vote. Hmmm.....