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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

DCPS admits they were wrong… after they got caught

 This year teachers have often had more to do and less time to do it. So what did many schools do? If you guessed bent over backward to find more time for teachers, you would be wrong, and instead, they required many teachers to pull out students for extra instruction during their planning, taking what little time they had to plan away.     

At the 2/2 school board meeting union head Terrie Brady mentioned this dreadful practice and then thanked the district for sending out a memo asking that it end. Okay, I might have taken a different tact but there it was. The district admitted what was happening and moved to stop it. I imagine they hope that will be the end of it, but it should not be. 

Are teachers going to be compensated for the planning periods they had to give up and if not, why not? 

Are principals going to be reprimanded for this terrible practice and if not, why not? 

Then why is Greene allowed to skate, not so much as a finger wag and a, you should have known better? 

Teachers always pay for terrible leadership and this year we have it in abundance. 

I want to thank the teachers that stood up and reported this dreadful practice and the union for fighting for it to stop, but I want to know what the school board is going to do about it. Or are they going to ignore it like they do contact tracing, forcing teachers to break CDC guidelines and cajoling families to come in for needless testing? Or are they going to pass the buck like they do when they blame the DOH and Corcoran’s executive order for their inaction?    

Yay, they admitted they were wrong after they got caught. 

I have asked for the memo, if I get it, I will put it up. 

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