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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Contact tracing in DCPS is bad and shows no signs of getting better

 Let me ask you a question, if a student found a gun in a classroom, would the district wait a week to look for the bullets, or would it evacuate the class immediately? Would they call the police but let it sit there for a week until they got there? Well, when the district allows contact tracking to be days or weeks behind, it's putting staff and students in danger, but rather than do anything about it, the district just shrugs its shoulders and passes the buck.

Another question, do good leaders ignore problems, pass the buck, or do nothing to fix them? Well, that's what Greene and the school board have been doing. I will puke the next time Andersen references the department of health, the same politicly compromised DOH that refused to give districts guidance for months last year. I am willing to believe they are overwhelmed, but so the %$@# what. That doesn't give the district permission to risk lives, or it shouldn't anyway.

Also, it's bullshit, and please excuse my language that the district can't do anymore, that they are bound by HIPPA laws because nobody is asking to have names revealed. People just want to know if they may have been exposed. The district could tell staff and students who have been in close contact with an infected person without revealing the names and allow them to make decisions regarding their health until the DOH can catch up with its contact tracing. Let people decide for themselves, including staff taking COVID leave. That is the responsible and decent thing to but DCPS refused to be either. 

Then more than a few people think contact tracing has gotten worse as the testing season begins to ramp up because keeping butts ins eats is more important than keeping people safe. I think Green wants that A district grade so bad, she is willing to step over the bodies of the sick and worse to try and get it. I hope I am wrong but based on what I have seen and heard, I don't think I am.

Contact tracing is bad, even the district admits it, so the last question is, what are they doing to try and improve it? You don't have to answer because we all know it is nothing. 

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