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Friday, February 5, 2021

School Board Chair Andersen says teachers have free will when it comes to social distancing in schools.

 Board Chair Andersen says teachers have a choice when it comes to social distancing, not any good choices but choices. 

I have been writing about the things our local education leaders have said and done for over a decade. Sometimes they get mad at me and say, well, even though those are my words, it's not what I meant. I believe words have power, and Andersen’s words were when it comes to socially distance,  teachers have free will, i.e., they can make a choice whether they do so or not which boils down to socially distance the districts way or quit, if there is another choice you think she might have been talking about it, please let me know. 

In a long Facebook post that I have included below, Andersen said the following about social distancing. 


First of all, teachers are indeed being required to violate CDC social distancing guidelines, just being in school and the districts push to have more kids return make it a certainty that they will. When I talk about social distancing, I am not talking about the everyday lie that is happening in the district. I am talking about when administrations tell their teachers to do small group instruction, move desks together and pull students out on their planning, and threatening them if they don’t. 

There is a big difference between the run of the mill lie that the district tells the city so it can sleep at night that social distancing is occurring and forcing staff to further violate the guidelines, or their jobs and evaluations will be in jeopardy. The first is bad, the second is mother %@#ing bad and unconscionable.   

Andersen may not have known I was talking about this. However, in my defense, I sent her and the rest of the board an email on Monday outlining how teachers were being threatened if they didn’t ignore CDC socially distancing guidelines and included over a dozen notes from teachers. Though you know, like the pandemic or teacher's cries for help, she may have just ignored it. 

Then she writes; also, none of this has been easy for anyone. Well, it has been a little easier for some, right? Like the super and the school board, like the admins who are cajoling teachers to risk their health and more but don’t actually have to do so… as much. It’s been a lot easier for more than a few. 

It’s funny, Andersen is always passing the buck to the DOH or Corcoran’s executive order. Um, doesn’t she have free will? Couldn’t she fight or push back against them? I mean, she has a choice right, go along with what we know to be reckless or dangerous or strive for something better. Well, friends, we know what choice she has made.   

So, teachers have free will; they can make a choice, sure, quit or risk your life, at the end of the day, that’s not much of a choice.     

I had high hopes for Andersen, 800 bucks worth, but she has missed her moment; though since she has free will, I guess she could turn it around, that is a choice she will have to make.    

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  1. Still waiting on my hazardous duty pay. Trader Joe's is looking better by the day. At least they acknowledge and financially reward the risks their employees are making.