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Monday, February 15, 2021

Families, opt your children out of all the tests you can.

 In an action news Jax piece the district was deceptive about having children take tests in the schools because they can always just say no to or taking the tests.

Mr. Pierce has to know parents have always had the ability to opt-out of the FSA tests. They can just say they don't want their children to take them. Also, this is just another example of the district passing the buck and I for one am tired of that. 

Now for some EOC tests, there are consequences because they count for a large percentage of the grade, but for grade-level tests, there are only two that count for promotion, 3rd and tenth, and both have workarounds, in third grade, you can have a portfolio done, and in tenth, you can take the SAT. Peirce and the district know this too.

I have some concerns that the district, instead of working with families, is threatening them to take the tests instead; one family told me, if they didn't take the 6th grade FSA, their student may be put in remedial classes despite the fact they have excellent grades, and I just got this on Facebook.

This is inexcusable.

I always encourage families to always opt-out, even before there was a pandemic. I believe the district is more concerned with putting people in seats for what are basically worthless tests rather than keeping people safe.

If you want to learn more about opting out, here is a link.

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