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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Elizabeth Andersen has chugged the kool aide.

 I had a spit out the milk type moment. While watching the school board meeting, Andersen laid praise of Superintendent Green like a hype man on speed. My question is, is Andersen willfully ignorant or complicit in the slow-moving car wreck that is Greene's leadership.

What does Andersen like best, the woeful contact tracing?

Cajoling teachers to ignore CDC guidelines?

Intimidating parents to send their kids back to school?

The rock bottom staff morale?

Needlessly risking lives?

Loading up teachers with more tasks while taking away planning?

The blatant disrespect showed to veteran teachers?

Greene practically ignoring the pandemic?

What is it, Mrs. Andersen? What about what Greene is doing puts her in such rarified air?

Then she pointed to the executive order? An order that on its face violates the state constitution. The state board of education is not a super school board, what they say doesn't have to go. We folded like a cheap suit, which only risks lives and emboldens them to be even worse. 

Complicity, ignorance, or cowardice, it was tough to watch.

I really felt she was an ally to staff and students who would fight for us, sadly it appears I was wrong. 

1 comment:

  1. I'm not surprised. She's the same person who praised DuhSantis for putting kids at risk. What happened to the district's backbone? Remember when they sued the city for overstepping their bounds? How is this any different? Because of some dumb executive order?? Excuses are like assholes. We all got em & they all stink.