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Thursday, February 11, 2021

DCPS High schools go on alert because of district incompetence

It's never good when you wake up in the morning and the media is reporting schools will be on high alert because of threats of violence. It’s made worse because the lion’s share of what’s happening falls squarely on the district’s shoulders. When I wrote about the district’s “take off the mask’ campaign, my wife said, why are they trying to coopt black history month? That’s not going to go over so well. Boy was she right. 

I want to say bringing more attention to mental health resources is a good thing, even if the district did it in a ham fisted tone-deaf way. The thing is they should have known better.  

First, take off the mask? It is a #$@ &%#$ pandemic! They should have known this wasn’t going to go over well. Furthermore, @#&$ them at least when it comes to staff. The lion's share of staff angst has been created by the district. Them acting as if the pandemic doesn’t exist, doubling down on more work, the lack of subs and planning time, and the list goes on and on. If they cared about the staff they wouldn’t launch some ham-fisted social media campaign they would do tangible things to help them.  

Then these are racially charged times, if my very white but woke wife saw launching this campaign during February could be a problem so to should have the district? They should have known this would cause issues and I bet they did, I bet somebody said, well it's Black History Month should we, and somebody with a longer title said, nah don’t worry about it, and as usual teachers are left cleaning up their mess. 

Now which is worse, the district doesn’t think about what their actions do, or they don’t care what their actions do, because it is one of them.  

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