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Saturday, February 6, 2021

It's also the little things that make you think DCPS really doesn't care.

 If DCPS really cared about the welfare of students and staff, they would cancel all-district testing, tell each group to do their best, get through this, and if we have things to make up post-pandemic, we will, and that staying right, should be your only priority. But they aren't. Instead, they are putting more pressure on teachers than ever before, and for kids, well, it's business as usual.   

So the district sent out a note to parents and guardians, telling them it's all right that kids take off the mask, metaphorically. The thought behind it, let students get it out what's inside them that's dragging them down unless it's COVID or testing, then they had just better suck it up. 

Here is the letter.

You know, nothing says we care, like not knowing what time of year it is. We care so much we cut and pasted something! Is it just me, or have we been back from winter break for going on six weeks now?

Okay, if at this point you are saying, um Chris, I have read your stuff, everyone makes mistakes, and you are right, except I am not the high-priced communications team; I am a guy sitting on my couch blogging during the commercials of Chopped. 

Also, I get it, you might think on the scale of forcing teachers to break CDC guidelines, the total disrespect of veteran teachers and making people miserable, this is relatively minor, but the thing is it isn't. It shows how absolutely tone-deaf and out of touch the district is, and I think I can prove it; take a minute and watch the video they want families to watch.

Did you notice anything there? Like zero mention of the pandemic? It's like the district is pretending it's not happening, which I guess makes sense because they aren't doing a whole lot to acknowledge it in our schools either.

I can imagine the production meeting. Should we mention the pandemic? Nah, it practically over and not really bothering people anymore.  

For @#&$s sake, it gets even worse. At the school board meeting, they showed a staff video like the one above, and it's even more tone-deaf.  I have been looking for it all week and haven't been able to find it. I just hope they said to themselves, nope, we can't put that up, which, if the case, maybe one of the few right things they have done. 

Friends, I don't know what else to say.

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