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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

The DCPS administration has degenerated into bullies and thugs

I know those are harsh words but what else should I call an administration that tells its staff to violate CDC guidelines or face consequences, and tells parents to bring their kids in for an often worthless test or risk promotion or assignment to magnets? What do I call people that seem to have no idea there is a pandemic who are willingly throwing safety to the wind? I ask because those things are happening in DCPS. 

Teachers and families are being coerced to do something they know to be dangerous, that medical professionals recommend against doing. That is something only bullies and thugs would do. 

I have been writing about this district since 2007. I started the blog Education Matters in July of 2010 and I have never seen anything close to this in my life. Reckless and heartless are the two words that come to mind after bully and thug. 

Sure, we have had bullies masquerading as administrators before, but nothing to the extremes or risks going on now.  I get it too, being super is a hard job and these are hard times but bullying and threatening are never ever acceptable. Instead of working with everyone to make sure they feel safe and get what they need, Greene is cracking the whip, leaving nothing but scorched Earth and I guaranty you that will come back to haunt the district.   

Vitti would always try and claim some sort of plausible deniability. Greene on the other hand seems to relish in it. Were going to get that A no matter what and beatings will continue until morale rises. 

Greene has done something that up till now I thought would have been impossible and that is make me miss Vitti.  

We have to do better.

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