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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Why is DCPS misleading families about testing during a pandemic.

As testing season fast approaches, not even a pandemic and the threat of getting sick is deterring DCPS. Instead of striving to keep people safe, they have referred back to cajoling families to send their children into schools, which sadly seems to be the only tool in their tool kit.

The district has sent out a letter to the DHR families that isn't quite honest.


  It is so ironic, the state talks about parental choice, except when it comes to testing, then the district would have you believe it is mandatory, which isn't quite true.

First if it is a district test, I would encourage DHR families to skip it unless the district develops a way to do it remotely. As for B&M students, maybe take a family day when they are given. We have to push back against all this testing, which robs children of actual instruction.

As for the state test, there are a couple required for promotion, though even they have workarounds, third grade a portfolio and tenth grade the S.A.T. and there are a couple that counts for a huge percentage of a grade. Sadly for those tests, you have to do what you have to do. The rest, though, unless the district is being vindictive, carry zero consequences if your student misses them.

Drill and kill testing has been the bane of public education for over a decade; it has drained the love of learning for many teachers and students alike. It also robs kids of weeks of instruction time, which could be better used, you know, learning. Remember when grades determined things like promotion, were those such dreadful times?  

So no, parents, your children are not required to take district and state tests.

It's a pandemic, something DCPS is painfully unaware of; keeping students and staff safe should be their main concern, but sadly it doesn't even seem to register.

Finally, I do think testing has a role, just not as the end all be all it has become. Teachers should give a pre-test at the bringing of a nine weeks and a post-test at the end. Teachers should then have immediate access to both to help with their instruction, and they shouldn't play a role in any grades whatsoever. 

To learn more about opting out, something tens of families already do, click the link,



  1. "We would like to use the upcoming Progress Monitoring Assessment (PMA) as a practice session for FSA." Wow, they're not bothering to hide it any longer. Their tests have no purpose except as a practice test for May, which (current leadership may not realize) is illegal under Florida statutes. Districts may not conduct practice tests. Thus, the need to pretend that the tests are for informing classroom teachers. Duval deserves better, much better.

  2. Are they worried about parents taking the test for their students? Is that why they're making them come in? To get a true assessment??