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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

DCPS’s no good very bad week.

DCPS leadership is failing this district, and it is beyond me how the school board does not see it, which makes me wonder are they willfully ignorant or complicit. 

A while back, I was talking to a school board member and asked how they were. They told me they were busy as they had visited every school in their district in a short amount of time. Fantastic, I said, but what did you think about the classroom sizes. I asked because classroom sizes for many have exploded. They said to me, well, I had not actually been in any classes. They must have seen the look of horror on my face because they then tried to recover by saying, I had seen some of the school change classes.    

I do not want to speak ill of this person but come on, man. 

Then at the February school board meeting, despite skyrocketing cases and plummeting morale, Board Chair Andersen has sung Greene’s praises like a hype man. Un what was she seeing that I wasn’t, and the answer is she isn’t seeing anything or apparently talking to anyone either.  


Last week was one of the worst in memory for DCPS and gave us two prime examples of how the leadership has failed us. First, they launched a woefully tone-deaf social media campaign, take off the mask, and then they pushed for families to send their kids into the schools for a practice test. A %@#$ing practice test!!!! How the hell do they think either is acceptable. 

As our governor, it's almost as if they think the pandemic is over or no more of an inconvenience than being caught by a train on the way to work. Sure, it sucks for a few minutes, but no big deal. The problem is the pandemic is a big deal. It's killing people, making people sick, and messing with people psychologically too, and what do the state and district do? Cajole and mislead families to come in for a practice test, and basically ignore it when talking about mental health. 

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  1. I like how the dcps spokesperson thought that the controversy surrounding the take off the mask campaign was helpful in bringing attention to mental health awareness. Kinda like an arsonist thinking their handiwork is useful for drawing attention to fire safety campaigns.