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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Board chair Elizabeth Andersen accuses me of spreading false narratives

 I asked her which narratives were false? That contact tracing was terrible that teachers have been threatened to social distance or the fact that the school board got a 6200 dollar raise while many veterans are about to take a pay cut. All of those things, whether she wants to acknowledge it or not, have happened on her watch.

On the Artilces About Public Facebook page, Mrs. Andersen posted about SB48, a truly dreadful piece of legislation that has to do with vouchers. Strangely I haven't seen any posts from her on the legislation that saw veteran teachers take a pay cut while she got a huge raise. 

I replied.

The school board, school boards, by and large, are partly responsible for where we find ourselves. Every time they pass a bad law or put out a ridiculous executive order and go unchallenged, it just emboldens them, and if you want more proof, look at any 5 year old in a check-out line having a tantrum and the mother say, come on sweetie not now. If you do not address problems or stand up to bullies things, get worse.  

Later she replied,

Um, what well I, deep breaths, I will just show you my reply.


Here is the thing, at this point, Andersen can't hide behind ignorance; we have three dead and hundreds sick in the last month. She doesn't have to believe me about how bad it is, but what about Terrie Brady, who talked about the same things I have been on Tuesday? Is she spreading false narratives too?

Andersen knows I am not spreading false narratives; she just doesn't like being called out for her role in the terrible ongoing train wreck that is DCPS leadership. She doesn't want to accept any responsibility for what's going on. Well, Mrs. Andersen, you are the school board chair; where should the responsibility for all the bad decisions fall?

I had high hopes for her, and when things were easy, she was fine; things, however, aren't easy, and she, in my opinion, has not been up to the task at hand. The thing is she could change that and let me give her some suggestions.

End district tests, ugh, there is a pandemic.

Let it be known that small groups are optional, and if a teacher doesn't feel comfortable doing it, that's okay, and if a principal threatens them or their evaluation suffers from it, that principal will pay a consequence.

Ease up on the district micromanaging; it's as bad as it has ever been.

Then let people know if there is covid in their class and let them make a choice about their safety. DOH can still do their crap-ass contact tracing, but people deserve to know if their safety is at risk.

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