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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Why is it impossible for DCPS to read the room?

I think it is because they have their heads stuck up there, well, you know, but the thing is, District leadership seems oblivious to almost everything, and for some reason making people miserable is their default. If they could read the room, they could have avoided so much heartbreak, angst, and trauma. 

When DCPS proposed @#$ing veteran teachers, I get it, the state does us no favors, but I thought, what’s the rush. If Democrats win Georgia, help will be coming, but nope they insisted on moving forward, letting veteran teachers know what many already suspected, and that is they basically considered them worthless.    

Then how doesn’t the district not get that when they bully teachers and parents into doing things we all know is wrong, there are going to be consequences? Forcing families back into the building and teachers to violate CDC guidelines may get a few more tests taken and small groups given, but it tells people that the district doesn’t care about them or their families. Man, I see a disturbing pattern here.   

Then speaking of testing, everyone who follows education knew a waiver was coming from the federal government or the state, and this was not going to be a regular drill, kill and test year. I thought it would come from the feds, and I was concerned if the state would take it, but here the state has beaten them to it.  


Wow, look there. 

Now, this isn't a done deal, but once again, help is coming.

Time after time, the district gets it wrong and goes with make people miserable rather than do the right thing. The district is run by children, filled with hubris and bad instincts.  

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