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Friday, February 5, 2021

In DCPS it is risk your life and get a gift card… maybe

It’s surreal the disdain for staff and students the district has, it really is. Forcing staff to give up their planning, and to violate CDC guidelines is just the tip of the iceberg. The latest affront is the balls to the wall effort to get students in DHR to come in for district testing. Teachers at one school have told me that they have even been offered to be put into a drawing for a really swell gift card if 95 percent of their students participate. A #$%@ing gift card. 

More people in the buildings means there is a greater chance for more people to get COVID. If they get COVID there is a chance they will get sick and worse an obvious fact the district has chosen to ignore. They don’t care, friends, getting people in for these tests that many consider worthless are all they want to do. If a couple gets sick, that’s just the price of doing business. 

Why are we testing, during a pandemic? I have a theory based on observing how this superintendent and administration have acted since last summer. I believe Greene wants that A district grade that we just missed out on two years ago so bad she can taste it and is willing to walk over the bodies of staff and children to get it.  Imagine that picture with the prove me, wrong guy, here. 

Morale is pretty low district-wide, maybe, just maybe the district could show it cared, and not with a drawing for a gift card. Instead how about returning planning time or not threatening teachers if they don't form small groups.  

The district should immediately cancel all district tests, the risk and stress it is creating are to great and it is hard to imagine the results will be anything close to valid. It's surreal that the district isn’t just going forward with them but thinks it's okay to risk lives and make people miserable to do so, but hey who knows maybe you can get a gift card. 

For #@&$s sake. 

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