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Monday, February 1, 2021

New York Times Editorial Board goes after teachers

 David Brooks editorial going after teachers, and I say teachers and not union leaders because that is a distinction without a difference, was very disappointing and more than a little reckless. Teacher Unions are made up of teachers; they represent our interests, not some secret agenda and wanting to keep teachers safe should be at the top of everyone’s agendas. 

Last spring when the entire nation went to distance learning, often with just a day or two notice. Teachers were considered heroes, they were lauded. Fast forward to today when the pandemic is much worse, and now they are being browbeaten and attacked for prioritizing their and their family’s health. Teachers already give so much but for people like Brooks being safe is one ask too many.

Finally, people are pointing to the recent CDC headline that says schools are safe as the end all be all, but unfortunately, they don’t seem to read much farther. The CDC study was conducted in 17 rural Wisconsin school districts. Friends that’s not even representative of Wisconsin let alone the nation. Then they added the caveat if things are done correctly. Well as a teacher that has been in brick and mortar schools since August, I can guaranty you things are not done correctly. Social distancing is impossible, there have been cosmetic changes to ventilation in many schools, and mask use is not strictly enforced, strictly encouraged, but any policy where there is not a consequence for wearing a mask is just a suggestion. We are a long way from doing everything right. 

Teachers, often underpaid, and definitely underappreciated and overworked are not here to solve the nation’s problems. People shouldn’t be outraged or attack them for prioritizing their health, which I imagine is the same thing most people, including New York Times Editorialists, are doing.

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