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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Are Jeb Bush’s 15 minutes about to be up?

Regular folks have been pushing back against Jeb Bush’s education reforms for quite some time. But now even Republican Legislators like Will Weatherford and Don Geatz, no friends of public education have as well. They penned a letter urging Jeb Bush’s, Chief for Change and Florida education commissioner, Tony “one states trash is another’s treasure” Bennett to have Florida drop out of the PARCC testing consortium.

Then today the CATO Institute, yes that CATO Institute said, in Florida it sounds like many parents and taxpayers may be getting fatigued by test-driven school grades, adding onto the power of employee groups. Like we’ve seen in Texas, Florida’s politics may be reflecting a general exhaustion with standards and testing that fails to treat either students, or schools and districts, as unique. In other words, the likely benefits to breaking down such systems are being felt by more parents and “regular” voters, which doesn’t bode well for standards-and-accountability in Florida.

Other than the inevitable public sector dig, it sounds like they are saying enough is enough.

Throw in the rejection of the Parent Trigger something he fought for and multiple pathways to gradation; something he fought against, The RNC passing a resolution against common core standards, Jeb’s pet project,

and the revelation that his foundations donors are all organizations, that seek to profit off the privatization of public schools:

Then it has been a pretty brutal year for his policies. I really believe that when it is all said and done, Jeb Bush will be the villain of the story and nobody deserves to have his 15 minutes be up more than him.

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