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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Watch the video where Duval's TOY Apryl Shakleford shills for Rick Scott

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  1. That is why she was selected. Where did she teach? Not in the NW quad. Not in a High School there. What does she teach? I am finding more and more that the Teacher of the year has become political. The selection process includes questionnaires which failed policies and philosophies are probed by the candidates. There was an attempt in my school to supplant the traditional selection by peers to be one of selection by "stakeholders" i.e. non-professionals. Something like the Nobel Prize selection committee for physics being composed by non-physicists. Perhaps they have ulterior motives, like becoming part of the beast and reaping its money from its benefactors like Michelle Rhee. Only a couple of teachers out of 60 plus teachers of the year in Florida? Where are the other 60?