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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why does the Florida Chamber of Commerce want to lie to you about pensions?

This was on their Facebook page, Did You Know: Florida taxpayers cut a $500 million check to cover the unfunded liability costs of pensions for government workers. 

Detroit's bankruptcy, helped in large part by the city's pension crisis, is the latest indicator that Florida MUST TAKE ACTION or face serious consequences. Consequences DETROIT knows all too well.

First of all, traditionally many public sector workers took lower wages in exchange for a pension. Next two years ago when Tallahassee took three percent of teacher's (and other public sectors workers) wages, they said it was to shore up the pension but instead they used it to balance the books and finally Florida’s pension funds is one of the best around and amazingly healthy.

I will tell you what though, if you want to pay me the nation’s average in salary for teachers, a 14 thousand dollar raise for me, as a 12th year teacher, I would gladly take it and provide my own pension.

Shame on the chamber of commerce, for misleading and trying to scare people. Shame on them.  

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