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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Betty Burney takes 95k from the county

 If you have read the blog you know I am not a fan of Burney. Her personal wealth increased greatly while she was on the board while at the same time the schools she was in charge of languished. Then don’t get me going about her and her family’s ethics violations.

I was particularly disappointed to learn that the district will be paying her I’m a Star Foundation 95 thousand dollars to provide outreach to the parents of overage children. I sincerely hoped we had closed the book on her involvement in the district.  

Here is the thing, when Vitti talks about the community willing to be involved I believe him. Aren’t these the types of services we should be getting members of the community to do for free but even if not, if this job is so important isn’t it one we should be putting bids out for to make sure we get the best people at the best price?

Then there is the 95k fee; I believe the super is allowed to approve anything under a hundred without board approval, which also helps him avoid public input which is convenient because I know I am not the only member of the public that feels the same as above.  


  1. I do not understand why this position deserves a salary of $95,000.

  2. Burneys husband and her daughter in law are employed at city hall.

    Small world