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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Local teacher questions Alternative Certification, i.e. the busy work they pile on new teachers

And makes some valid points too. -cpg

As a new teacher (going on three years), I deeply question the value of the Alternative Certification process in Duval (or perhaps anywhere). The school district has NO BUSINESS putting me in a classroom for up to three years prior to my being alternatively certified...if I am not ALREADY an effective teacher!

And if I have proven to already be an effective teacher, then why in the world do I need to take the Alternative Certification program??? 

I have read various comments and studies on the Alternative Education program. A significant number of teachers claimed it was largely a useless program, a type of busy-work. 

There are two things I think are really needed:

1) To question the very need of an Alternative Certification program for effective teachers; and 

2) If we are going to have a such a program anyway, to have some sort of teacher's forum where teachers can get expert advice, etc. to help them through the process. 

I certainly have little time during the year to do this. And then they want to take my summer, too?


  1. Many professions require certification. If you did not study and prepare to become certificated through the traditional means, then the county or state has every right to want to get you certified through an alternative program. I'm not disputing your assessment of the certification tasks in alt cert, but are you suggesting that teachers need not be certified at all? I could learn how to be an effective lawyer or doctor through independent study, but those professions would not allow me to practice just because I had been doing okay so far without being certified.

  2. I don't disagree but most of this is hoops and busy work. We could probably come up with a better system one that involved multiple observations that would be more effective.