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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

So who exactly on Florida’s state board of education is telling the truth?

Sally Bradshaw's said, "I don't understand when it became acceptable to disguise and manipulate the truth simply because the truth is uncomfortable."
Then there was Chairman Gary Chartrand's: "I don't think the truth is being revealed in the current grading system."
They both referenced the truth but the problem is they voted on opposite sides of the board’s decision to artificially inflate or deflate depending on how you look at it, school's grades.
These are their bios, and notice how neither were teachers or ever worked in education, oy vey and we wonder why we are in such trouble.  Its worse friends because both of them have been on the state board for years which means thy have had plenty of opportunities to fix our failed accountability system. Instead they chose to sit on their thumbs until grades were about to be released and then created a firestorm that made Florida a national laughing stock and did nothing to address the problems in our schools. In fact when has anybody in Tallahassee done anything to address poverty?
Furthermore both of them are part of the pro privatization, they will say choice but we all know what they really mean, movement here in Florida. They want to destroy the teacher’s unions because they don’t think teachers are professionals and anybody could do the job, and replace public schools with McCharters. I don’t think either of them have any idea what the truth really is.

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