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Friday, July 5, 2013

Duval County’s teacher of the year, Apryl Shackelford, sells out teachers. She doesn’t represent me.

Having just finished throwing up in my mouth a little I read a passage for the Tampa Times just to make sure I wasn’t having some kind of weird teacher nightmare. Sadly I wasn’t. 

Duval County’s teacher of the year in a Rick Scott campaign video said,  “It means a lot to educators as a whole, because we know he listens to us,”

Did he listen to teachers when he stripped them of work protections?

Did he listen to teachers when he signed the odious teacher evaluation law, you know the one that often evaluated teachers on kids they never met.

Did he listen to teachers when he stole 3% of their salaries to cover budget shortfalls made by giving tax breaks to the rich?

Did he listen to teachers as he promoted his pro public education privatization agenda?

No, no, no and no. He threw us a few pennies, he p*ssed down our legs and Mrs. Shackleford thinks it is raining.

Apryl Shackelford, for shame.

Below is the video, watch it on an empty stomach.


  1. If teacher of the whatever were chosen by fellow teachers with student/parent input rather than by political puppets, wonder what they would really be like.

    Better yet, no contests, just more money and better benefits for all.

    400 Duval teachers are currently on surplus status and other good teachers were cut because a limited principal used power badly -- and many of those so-called education leaders/managers were also relocated -- yet the damage they did remains.

    Once I was for Vitti, but knowing (key word is "knowing") that the district is in greater turmoil than ever, my family and I are packing up and going elsewhere. Grateful I'm HQ in both Math and two sciences and for Scott's push regarding AC contracts because I'm free to leave.

    Best of luck, Florida --

  2. You don't have to leave FL. Just join the tens of thousands who have moved to St. Johns County.

  3. Was he listening when he laid off 87 teachers a year or so ago with not even a decent phone call. These teachers were given a letter -- not even a courtesy call and no help from DTU. They were mostly PE, Music, Art, etc. Many lost the desire to even come back to the classroom after being treated in such an unprofessional manner.

  4. Why is Duval County in such a mess. Surrounding counties don't seem to be having these problems with excessive layoffs, surplussing and riffing of teacher, and moving administrators and teachers around?

  5. No help from DTU? It's too funny that the public believes DTU protects bad teachers. DTU doesn't help any teachers. They take dues and then treat you rudely if you have a problem. They bend over backwards sucking up to DCPS. Terrie Brady is like a Supreme Court justice...appointed for life.