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Monday, August 11, 2014

Should school board members be endorsing candidates?

I have heard of outgoing school board members endorsing candidates before, Gentry endorsed Hall and in 2012 and Lee has endorsed the younger version of himself Scott Shine but for as long as I have been following the school board I can’t remember a sitting member doing so. So I was blown away reading that Jason Fischer has endorsed Scott Shine

Now you might be saying but city council members and members of congress always endorse the mayoral or presidential candidate that represents their parties. The thing is school board races are supposed to be non-partisan, political affiliation is supposed to play no role. Unfortunately that is no longer the case. Look at Orange Park and how Van Zant used political chicanery to disenfranchise the democrats and independents there. Then closer to home Jason Fischer the Mandarin representative ran on his close ties to Jeb Bush and the Republican Party.

If Shine doesn’t win, then Fischer has just made his job and the job of governing our schools that much more difficult and for what? What points does he get for jeopardizing the good working order of the board?

But maybe he doesn’t really care what happens on the board and this endorsement is his attempt to join the cool kids of the county who have all gotten behind Shine. He can now say look at me as he hopes for a seat at the table because to Fischer the school board is just one step on a career that he hopes will see him elsewhere.  

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