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Monday, August 11, 2014

How Jacksonville’s non-profits were hoodwinked by a bunch of millionaires.

From a Times Union article speaking about the district 2 school board forum: The forum was sponsored by a coalition of community groups led by the Jacksonville Public Education Fund. 

All the organizations have signed a pledge to not support or endorse a candidate.
Oy vey, but what the paper fails to mention is that five members of the JPEF board have donated thousands of dollars and endorsed a candidate in each school board race. But think about this too.
The JPEF partnered with 20 organizations and by making them sign a pledge that they arguably have not adhered too, have taken their potential endorsements off the table. Wouldn’t you like to know who the League of Women Voters would support or how about the NAACP? Two large and influential organizations would certainly have a voice.
This small cabal of ultra rich donors, none of who are educators, live in the neighborhoods the candidates they are donating to do and who have close ties to the education reform movement are literally having their cake and eating it too. They are endorsing and supporting and preventing people who might endorse or support other candidates from doing so at the same time.
Shouldn’t the media at least inform the people and then let them make their own judgments?

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