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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The absolute ridiculousness of the Duval County School Board

The big agenda item last night was whether to approve or not the fifteen million dollar grant from the QEA board to pay for teacher bonuses. To be honest like the sun coming up tomorrow it was a for gone conclusion, but here is the thing what if it wasn’t. What if some of the school board members took exception to the fact their authority was being usurped, what if they took the time to look at the studies and thought hey why are we doing this when there are so many better things we could be doing? What would have happened if they had voted no?

You see the transfers have already taken place; hundreds of teachers were cleared out, many still in limbo just days before school is to begin and hundreds of others have transferred with the promise of a substantial bonus. The district would be thrown into chaos, chaos that I am not sure they could have recovered from before the start of the school year.

Why didn’t they approve the grant and then do the transfers, instead of doing things ass backward, why didn’t we do things the right way. You might be saying alls well that ends well but this is just indicative of a process, a way of doing things in Duval County where quite often things don’t end well.

Welcome to Duval County.  

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