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Friday, August 8, 2014

Scott Shine, I didn’t need the money but I took it anyways.

That’s basically what he said when I asked him why put himself in the position where there is an appearance of impropriety by taking money from charter schools. He then pointed that he was 54 and set for life having managed several successful businesses. As he talked he reminded me more and more of W.C. Gentry another hobbyist looking for something to do than Fred “Fel” Lee, who full disclosure I thought was going to be a disaster and was actually pretty good as school board members go.

There didn’t seem to be a sense of desperation from Shine that we were heading in the wrong direction and needed to turn things around. He didn’t come off as fed up that gosh darn it we can do things better and its time we did. No it just seemed like being on the school board would be something neat, something to do as he coasted into retirement. 

I would say Shine is the favorite to win in district 2, he has lots of money and name recognition and has even had a fairly decent career in public service but don’t you want something more, Somebody with a sense of urgency, ideas, passion?

I know I do.


  1. As a candidate in the same district for school board, I would also like to point out that Shine has touted a straw poll for governor on his school board candidate page which favors Rick Scott. I would encourage voters to begin asking candidates who they support for governor. Rick Scott is NOT a friend of education, has slashed our education budget, significantly reduced Bright Futures Scholarships, took 3% back from teachers and other public employees... If your school board candidate supports Rick Scott, your school board candidate is Not supporting our children, parents, teachers, or public education.

  2. Actually, I was touting the straw poll as it covered ALL the local elections and with 1100 votes from local citizens showed Scott Shine as the winner of the District 2 School Board Race. As a point of fact, my post does not take a position in any other race, including the Governor.

  3. Thank you for responding and the clarification. The results visible in the picture only show the governor. However, I would like to know your position in the race for governor since it does directly impact our students.