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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Times Union is hardly fresh or effective.

In a disappointing but not unexpected move considering the Times Union's record on education issues, the editorial board endorsed Darryl Willie over Paula Wright in the district 4 school board race. Nobody in the city has been a harsher critic of Paula Wright than I have but even I think she would be heads and shoulders above Willie.

The unnamed writer twisted themselves into knots in order to do so including writing,  He (Willie) also supports using fresh strategies to help struggling students learn, such as Duval’s current practice of hiring young Teach for America instructors and putting them in Duval’s toughest schools.

The Times Union may not know it but Teach for America has been in our schools since 2008. They are hardly fresh and they are hardly effective. All they have done is assured our neediest students have had a constant revolving door of neophytes or the exact opposite of what they desperately need. 

Once again the Times Union gets it wrong on education issues.

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